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Secured BPM on the Cloud with Bonita Cloud

Secure, automated deployments fully operated by Bonitasoft’s Cloud team for fast, scalable, and cost-effective business applications.

With Bonitasoft’s fully managed Cloud, deliver innovation fast without the pain of managing deployment infrastructure.

Bonita Cloud

Accelerate your business innovations

  • Faster iteration between business and IT means better collaboration - for higher quality business applications

  • Bonita Cloud offers full Continuous Delivery for your agile team’s iterative application development

  • Bonita Cloud is always up-to-date, so you get all the latest Bonita innovations too

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What makes Bonita Cloud so powerful?

  • It autoscales for you, based on advanced containerization technology

  • As fully-featured as on-premise deployments, including extensibility capabilities

  • The Bonita Engine is ideal for orchestration of microservices and distributed services

  • It's designed for citizen and professional developers

Scale with your business needs

Need more?
Bonita Cloud infrastructure scales just as you need it

Adding or changing production environments?
Bonita Cloud enables new environments rapidly

Provisioning headaches?
No longer. Bonita Cloud manages provisioning scaling for you

Need guaranteed performance?
Use Bonita Cloud for mission-critical,
high performance process automation projects


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Bonita Cloud architecture for easy scalability: use just what you need when you need it

Secure your cloud applications

  • Bonitasoft and Cybersecura collaborate fully for continuous security reinforcement.

  • Security controls are applied at every layer for customer protection. A virtual private cloud ensures privacy and security of customer data.

  • Bonitasoft partners with Amazon AWS for cloud computing services that guarantee strong security certifications (including ISO27001).

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Reduce costs

It's straightforward. Bonita Cloud

  • is identical to the Bonita Enterprise platform, with all of the features of the on-premise edition

  • is priced exactly the same way, with an unlimited number of users, CPUs, processes, process instances, and connectors

  • provides an infrastructure managed, monitored, and administered by the Bonita Cloud team, eliminating those associated costs

  • guarantees continuity of service, reducing costly downtime


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